• 21 Oct, 2021
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  • Lebanon
  • Hiwarouna Closing Regional Conference

4 years of Hiwarouna just ended...

During the past 4 years the Middle East went through hard times, the war in Syria, the "Arab Spring" protests in Iraq and Lebanon, the Beirut Blast...

From the heart of these hardships emerged the Hiwarouna project, offering hope to the three countries. This project targeted the youth who are the future of Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, introducing them to concepts like interfaith dialogue, coexistence, citizenship, peacebuilding and encouraging them to spread their knowledge in their communities through personal initiatives using workshops, arts and sports.

The Hiwarouna project has ended but its fruits are forever present with the young men and women who will use them to build a better future for their countries.

This project was implemented in partnership between Danmission, Forum for Development Culture and Dialogue, and Iraqi Alamal Association, and was funded by the European Union.