• A first time facilitator?

The first time you take on the role of facilitator there are many things to remember and consider.

Besides the actual planning of the process it is important to be aware of how to conduct yourself as a facilitator. We have compiled a list of points to remember when you take the stage for the first time as facilitator. With this short list of how to take on the role of a facilitator you are well set to host your first facilitated session.

Remember; your performance might not be perfect the first or second time you facilitate, but with practice you too will master the art of facilitation.


  • Remember that your main role is to facilitate and make dialogue possible among participants and this can be done in several ways.


  • Create a secure and trusting environment (or safe space) for people to share their opinions.


  • Make sure to highlight conclusions that the participants come to.


  • Ask relevant questions, in order to help the reflection and dialogue process among the participants.


  • Finally make sure that when someone shares something, it is heard and received and taken seriously.