Become a facilitator

Teacher vs facilitator

A teacher must lead the students towards a certain goal or result. Here, the teacher assumes the role of expert and the one who sits with the correct answers. The class will expect the teacher be able to give them the right answer when a task is difficult.

A first time facilitator?

The first time you take on the role of facilitator there are many things to remember and consider.

Besides the actual planning of the process it is important to be aware of how to conduct yourself as a facilitator. We have compiled a list of points to remember when you take the stage for the first time as facilitator. With this short list of how to take on the role of a facilitator you are well set to host your first facilitated session.

Remember; your performance might not be perfect the first or second time you facilitate, but with practice you too will master the art of facilitation.

The facilitator’s fundamental skills

You will have to develop some skills that will help you in your role as a facilitator. We made it easier for you by gathering a list of skills that are relevant and essential in your journey.

How to prepare for a workshop?

There are two essential steps to go through before a workshop: planning and preparing.

Of course, you must draw up your programme, but also you must prepare mentally. However, regardless of how well you plan, you never know what will happen. This makes it more important to be mentally prepared than to have every detail hammered out in your script.

Get to know the Facilitator’s Toolbox

To become a facilitator, you don’t only need skills, but you also need tools. The facilitator’s toolbox represents the tools that will help you in preparing and giving out a workshop. It may seem awkward to use these tools in the beginning. However, it is a question of training until it gradually becomes second nature to you.

Some methods of facilitation

Each facilitator has his/her own methods when facilitating a workshop. We are presenting you with a selection of methods to engage the participants and make your workshop more dynamic. It is important to master each of these methods and recognize when to implement each one of them. Don’t worry, this will come with practice.

How to facilitate a workshop?

To facilitate a workshop is to see the whole workshop as a process. You start at one place and hopefully end somewhere different. For this process to take place it is important that the group functions together.

How to evaluate a workshop

Workshop evaluation is a very important part of every workshop. However, this part is often forgotten. Don’t underestimate the power of evaluating your workshop as it provides you with the way forward for improvement.

Some advice to help you!

We are here to help you, so this is some advice from our side: