Empowered Trainers Manual


This guide was published by the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies as part of the “Empowered Trainers Create Resilient Youth and Peaceful Communities” project implemented in partnership with Danmission and the University College of Copenhagen in Jordan, and funded by the Danish-Arab Partnership Program.

This project aims at Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) in Jordan by improving the well-being of young people, including refugees, through empowering them to spread a culture of peace as active stakeholders and citizens in their communities via the education sector in Jordan. The long-term objective of this project is to empower teachers to play an active role in creating resilient youth and peaceful host communities.

The present manual includes methods to provide trainers and teachers with knowledge
of: citizenship, human rights, difference, diversity, pluralism, dialogue, interconnections, and communication.

The manual follows a non-formal education methodology and includes exercises based on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) methods, which introduce new skills such as: critical thinking, dialogue, and communication through interactive methods of playful learning, which allows children to have experiences that are joyful, actively engaging, meaningful, iterative, and socially interactive.

The downloadable file includes the introduction to the manual, the table of content, and the chapters' objectives.

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