A group of youth from Hama and Mhardeh implemented an initiative where they targeted university young adults to re-establish community cohesion by bringing the students together around a common culture. This is one of the activities implemented in this initiative.

After the war in Aleppo the real war started, which is the economic and social war, limiting the ability of many youths to develop their life and professional skills. The instability of life kept an entire generation of university youth from being able to access education.

Moreover, the youth lost their faith and belief in their own community and country. Therefore, with the help of the Evangelical Church of Aleppo, 16 youth members were selected to engage in society by creating opportunities for them to prove themselves as influential and effective actors of change.

In addition, "Step’s" trainers and coordinators assisted individuals to guide their ambitions by helping them define their goals and needs, and by boosting their self-esteem through different training sessions on the concept of community cohesion, life skills, writing of a resume, and seeking job opportunities. Also, this initiative included a visit to Old Aleppo’s market where people from different backgrounds met and chatted together.