A Call for Change

During these sensitive times Lebanon is passing through, and while youth voice and action are crucial to make the change, Danmission and Forum for Development Culture and Dialogue (F.D.C.D.) continue to support youth activists promote local peace initiatives that contribute to a better Lebanon and that through the EU-funded Hiwarouna - حوارنا project. The initiative of Reem (Reem is a law student and volunteering with DELTA Association) – a Call for Change – is all about calling on youth, empowering and equipping them with the knowledge needed to advocate for their rights, with the help of a renowned panel of activist, lawyers, and professors (Dr. Karim El-Mufti, Dr. Adib Nehme, Ms. Nermine Sibai and Mr. Gilbert Doumit). We are proud of the continuous work happening on all fronts to foster dialogue across different generations. We believe this work is fundamental for building peace.