Peace journey in Al Tach

Spreading messages of hope in schools, as children are the basis for building peace.

The goal of this initiative is to strengthen community cohesion and correct the stereotype taken on the Al-Tash region, especially after the events of ISIS. The region is viewed as a terrorist area and the goal of the project is to send messages that Al-Tash is a peace area that loves life.

This project is a journey of drawing and writing phrases denoting peace and community cohesion on the walls of schools and setting up sessions inside schools in which we talked about peace and its impact on society.


"I asked one of the children what would you like to draw, he told me: "a flower!"

- Why a flower?

- Sir, because we don't have flowers at school.

Note that the school is in a bad condition, but this child felt safety and peace through only a flower.

These initiatives are indeed small, but they have a big impact, especially on children. Let us cooperate and spread the spirit of hope and love within our children, because they are the basis for building peace.

Al Tash Youth Volunteer Team, thank you."

~ Hussein from Anbar