Dialogue is not just a way of communicating. It’s not just a way of relating. It’s a way of living.”

Agnete Holm, Senior consultant Theology and Dialogue – Danmission

Who We Are

Danmission is a 200 year old faith based organisation working across 12 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 

For decades, Danmission and our partners around the world have been engaged in the field of dialogue, both where dialogue aims to create and construct projects between people from different faiths and in its more reactive aspect, where it seeks to prevent conflicts from taking place, or build bridges after conflicts have hit. 

As a Christian organization we base our work on the fact that faith matters to, and contributes to give life meaning and direction, to the majority of people in the world, and that this must be taken into account when working for sustainable existence and peaceful coexistence.

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What We Do

Danmission works to contribute to a world people can live in, and a world with “peaceful co-existence” – a world people can live in together. We do this through:

Contextual theology for faith and social action. 
Danmission strengthens faith, hope, and resilience – and stewardship and social action for sustainable development.

Dialogue and peacebuilding 
Strengthening inclusive and just community building, and promoting peaceful conflict management.

Sustainable, just, and equitable stewardship
Strengthening local communities to access, use and protect natural resources, to reduce poverty, and to enhance sustainability for people and planet.